Streamers and Wooly Buggers

Streamers have quickly become my fastest selling flies especially with the rise of anglers “throwing meat”. I have a small catalogue of patterns and colors but slowly growing. If you have anything you would like to order but do not see here please contact me below and I will tie some samples for you.



Clouser Minnow $7.00 per dozen

A simple pattern which can be tied in a myriad of colors. I tend to tie my clousers very sparse, as they were originally intended. When ordering please specify if you have a particular color of dumbbell eye you would like use and the colors you are requesting. I have no problem mixing and matching so we can get exactly what you want

All Black

White and ChartrueseWhite/BluePink and White“Cop Car” White and Black

Sexy Shad clouser“Sexy Shad” White, Yellow and Blue

Rainbow clouserBaby Rainbow Trout

Seahawk CLouser“The Sea Hawk”


Wooly Bugger $7.00 per dozen

This classic pattern has been around and is still effective to this day. The ultimate attraction pattern is great in slow water, still water, fast moving, it just works. Because this fly is so effective in a variety of situations I tie it with a variety of options, cone heads, bead heads, unweighted, dubbing bodies, UV enhanced, the options are limitless. Don’t get overwhelmed when you request a quote with the order form below we can email back and forth to make sure you get exactly what you want and need for your next outing.

“Thin Mint” Black Brown and GreenOliveBlackWhite

JJ Special $7.00 per dozen

The ultimate design for slaying Brown Trout. It takes elements from the most successful patterns and rolls them into one beast of a fly. If you want to chase big brownies then you must have a few of these in your box.

JJ Special

Egg Sucking Leech $7.00 per dozen

Similar to the Wooly Bugger, the egg sucking leech presents a bright flash of color to help attract fish. it is often debated whether the fish is going after the egg or the leech and if leeches do in fact eat eggs.  This pattern is available with a number of color options and I will work with you to ensure the fly received is the right one for your waters. If you have a particular color in mind just ask and I can get it started on the vise.



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