Stimulators are an effective fly often coaxing bites out of otherwise weary trout. These flies are extremely effective dry flies and do well holding a trialing fly. These are some examples of my most popular Stimulator Patterns. All flies are tied to order therefore Size, Color, and Materials can be changed depending on your specifications, if you have something you want to try just ask. Most stimulators I tie are in sizes 10 – 16. Use the order form page , or use the form at the bottom of this page to discuss pricing and styles.

Stimulator 1: The Green Drake     $9.00 per dozen

The Green Drake features two shades of green dry fly dubbing, bleached elk hair and Badger colored hackle. This fly can be used to imitate any number of insects depending upon size, however size 10 is most common.


Stimulator 2: Crystal Stimulator     $9.00 per dozen

The crystal stimulator features green dubbing, bleached elk hair with a crystal splash wing and brown hackle. The splash helps to add the illusion of motion generating strikes.


Stimulator 3 – The Black and Lime     $9.00 per dozen

The Black and Lime is used to imitate Black Stoneflies or any other possible dark colored food the trout may be keying in on. The bright green wing makes the fly more visible in the water.


Stimulator 4 – Purple Stimulator      $9.00 per dozen

I love to fish purple flies. These particular flies are specifically designed for UV enhancement using both UV dubbing and UV2 Dyed hackle. A great fly to catch the eye of any fish.


Stimulator 5 – Peacock Stimulator     $9.00 Per dozen

This fly features UV2 dyed peacock herl and a bright orange antron wing for visibility.



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