Soft Hackles

Soft Hackle flies have a long and storied history. These flies are extremely effective fished as a trailer fly or by themselves. These are some examples of my most popular Soft Hackle Patterns. All flies are tied to order therefore Size, Color, and Materials can be changed depending on your specifications, if you have something you want to try just ask. Most soft hackle flies I tie are in either size 14 or 16. Use the order form page , or use the form at the bottom of this page to discuss pricing and styles.

Soft Hackle Style 1 – Grouse and (insert color here)     $7.00 per dozen

Grouse is a very classic soft hackle material. The feathers are very natural looking a tan with mottled dark brown and blacks. The grouse and pink fly above is a great example of the options for these types of flies. I can add a tail, ribbing of different colors, and a dubbing thorax along with the hackle. When ordering you can pick from a fly pictured here or create your own.



Soft Hackle Style 2 – Partridge and (insert color here)     $7.00 per dozen

Partridge is another classic soft hackle material which flows well and lends its self to this type of fly. Typical Hungarian Partridge feathers will appear white with black spots however browns mottled feathers can appear as well. Once again the body colors are endless. My two most popular designs are the Partridge and Chartreuse and the Partridge and Claret. While the Partridge and Orange is a popular and very classic fly. Once again Color, ribbing and dubbing thorax are all options and able to be changed. The pictures above provide an example and the only limit is your imagination.


Soft Hackle Style 3 – Greensleave     $7.00 per dozen


This fly is designed from the classic described in T.E. Pritt’s “North Country Flies” (1886). The body is a green floss with Pheasant Hen Neck Hackle. I then added different dubbing thorax to modernize the design. Clockwise: None, UV Callibeatis, Senyo Black, UV Minnow Belly.


Soft Hackle Style 4 – Green McKenzie     $7.00 per dozen


The green McKenzie was designed as a Caddis imitation on the McKenzie river. This fly features bright green floss body, UV grey thorax and Partridge hackle. This is a great fly for anyone with a strong Caddis population.


Soft Hackle Style 5 – The Purple Western    $7.00 per dozen

The Purple Western Fly is a soft hackle fly using starling feathers. Purple flies work! They just do and this is a buggy fly that will produce. The collar of this fly is made up of Peacock Herl and Starling hackle providing a great iridescent quality to these flies.


Soft Hackle Style 6 – Starling and Olive    $7.00 per dozen

To present a deeper more natural color soft hackle while still catching the attention of fish. This fly is made with a dark olive body, UV enhanced dubbing and iridescent starling hackle.