Jig Nymphs

Jig hooks are a great addition to any anglers fly box. The jig hook rides point up preventing snags and allowing you bounce along the bottom with no worries. Less snags means more time in the water. I tie my jig nymphs with barbless competition style hooks from Hazard Fly Fishing with Tungsten Slotted Beads. These flies sink fast and hard to work the lower water column. Use while European nymphing or with your conventional tactics.

Hook sizes are 12-18 with a variety of beads available including Gold, Copper, Black Nickel, Flat Black , Dark Pink. If you have a preference please specify when ordering if not we can discuss it before I begin tying.

Jig Nymph Style 1 – Frenchie $7.00 per dozen

The Frenchie is an adaptation of a Pheasant Tail Nymph developed for European Style nymphing. it is a simple but effective pattern with an added dubbing hot spot to give it some pop. The possibilities for colors are endless but the most popular and effective are Chartreuse, Pink, and Orange. I will do any color or combination of colors but please specify in the order form below.

Jig Nymph Style 2 – Hare’s Ear $7.00 per dozen

A Jig hook adaptation of a classic pattern. Once again I prefer to add a hot spot of dubbing for added pop. The colors are endless and the pattern can even be tied without a hot spot or only a thread hotspot.

Jig Nymph Style 3 – Prince Nymph $7.00 per dozen

Another classic fly adapted for a jig hook. I tie this fly with numerous options include an original prince nymph, dubbing body or a psycho prince in any imaginable color.

Jig Nymph Style 4 – Jig Bugger $7.00 per dozen

A smaller version of another classic pattern. Use it as you would any jig nymph or strip it like a streamer. Can be tied in a myriad of colors to match your local hatch.

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