I am an Active Duty Soldier, Husband, Home Brewer and avid Fly Tier. I began tying flies while stationed in Germany, I took to it quickly and eagerly. I found tying to be a form of therapy and it served as a way to still be into fishing when I couldn’t be on the water. With the birth of my son time spent slinging flies grew shorter, however this made me ever more focused on producing better quality flies.

I soon was approached on instagram with anglers wishing to purchase my flies. This was a hobby and I had never given any thought to using my talents for profit. After my first few sales more orders came in until eventually I decided to market the purchase of my flies more heavily. JTS Flybox was born, I strive to produce custom tied quality flies at an affordable price, not for a profit but merely to push the limits and improve my skills. I welcome orders and interests in flies I have never tied as this has led to some of my best work.

I hand tie all flies to order usually within one week of the order. I am a small scale operation and this is a hobby. Please check out the Flies for Sale page to see examples of flies I have tied previously and email me at JTSflybox@gmail.com for an order.

All flies will be tied on Hazard Fly Fishing Competition style hooks.

New flies are posted on my instagram @justinspruiell


Hazard Fly Fishing