Synthetic Quill from Hareline

Typically I prefer natural materials to synthetics but recently companies have been creating all kinds of synthetics. I was at Puget Sound Fly Fishing and found a package of Hareline’s Syntheic Quill. I wanted to take this opportunity to use the material and share with you my experience with it.

I have worked with natural quills both stripped and ones I stripped myself, and I must say I enjoy the consistency and use ability of the synthetic. It goes on smooth, wraps evenly and won’t break on you. Essentially it looks a lot like Wingback material that is not opaque. I only picked up the red quill but I will be on the look out for more colors.

The only downside I found in using it so far is that the quill on the end had some white from the backing when it was cut so I could not use it. Other than the one piece all the others were cut perfectly. Wrapping was quick and easy, as the pieces grabbed onto the hook with each turn. I was able to quickly turn out a few jigs this morning with a little added Seal-X ice dubbing from Spirit River.

Hook: Size 10 HH11 

Bead: 4.0 mm Slotted Silver

Body: Hareline Synthetic Quill Red

Collar: Spirit River Seal-X Nightmare Red


I bought some more colors and added these flies.


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