Wapsi Natural Fur Dubbing

Hi, my name is Justin and I am a dubbing addict. I admit it, when I see a pack of dubbing I haven’t tried or I don’t have, I must buy it. I keep a note on my phone broken down by brand, style then color so I don’t double up on dubbing (again for the 4th time). 

I have really liked the dubbing made by Wapsi their super fine dry fly dubbing cannot be beat in books, so when I saw the natural fur I had to check it out.

The Hares Mask dubbing comes in Light, Dark and Olive, but they also have a myriad of other animals to include muskrat, coyote and squirrel. I picked up the hare’s mask for of course hare’s ears more specifically on a jig hook. 

I was pleasantly surprised at how easily the dubbing made a noodle on the thread. A little bit of spit was all that was required to create a beautiful dubbing noodle. It’s fine enough to be easily controlled but still has the natural bugginess when applied.

I found mine at Bass Pro Shops but I’m sure it can be found other places. So next time you are out I highly recommend picking some up for your batches of Walts Worms or Hares Ears.

Tight lines,



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