Freight Train

Continuing on the Old School Steelhead flies theme comes the Freight Train. The Freight Train is a Randall Kaufman creation from the late 70’s following along the lines of his Railroad series which also included the Coal Car, Signal Light and the Flat Car.

Randal Kaufman gave a description of how the fly was created in Trey Combs’ book Steelhead Fly Fishing.

“I was fishing flies that incorporated colors of the most productive patterns and finally ended up with a favorite combination, but it didn’t have a name. One hot windless evening I was fishing a long riffle when a freight train rounded the bend. My attentions were caught up in the loud rumbling of the diesel engine, and as I watched the train roll up the canyon, the powerful pull of a heavy steelhead jolted me back to the river. The fish ran upstream much like a freight train, and I had a name for the fly.”


Tail: Purple Hackle Fibers
Body: Three equal Parts Orange Wool, Fluorescent Red Wool, Black Chenille.
Rib: Silver
Collar: Purple
Wing: White Bucktail


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