The Hair-wing Blue Charm

Over the weekend I attended a class on rod building put on by Project Healing Waters and Got Your 6 Fishing. A classroom full of veterans building  custom rods with all expenses paid is wonderful, and I am so grateful to have been part of this experience. I primarily fish  and tie for trout, but the class had us building an 8 WT Switch Rod so I began to look at and think about tying flies for larger game.

As I started looking for larger flies I of course was mesmerized by the beautiful fully dressed Atlantic Salmon flies. Feeling a little overwhelmed by the artistry of these flies I continued my search, which led me into hair wing flies. The Hair-wing Blue Charm is an elegant fly of Scotland made famous on the River Dee, originally tied with wings of mallard and teal. This fly was first tied as a hair wing fly in the 1950’s by John Reidpath of Inverness, Scotland and is one of the first hair-wing patterns.

I wanted to do this classic fly justice so I ordered Size 2 Limerick hooks for that classic look and feel. I wanted to stay as close to the original pattern as possible however some materials have eluded me and are still being shipped at the time of this post. I will describe this fly with the substituted materials, which are easy to find and produce a fine looking product and will create a step by step post when the materials arrive.


The Hair-Wing Blue Charm

blue charm

Hook: Size 2 Limerick

Thread: Black

Tag: Silver Mylar Tinsel behind Yellow Floss

Tail: Golden Pheasant

Body: Black Floss

Rib: SIlver Mylar Tinsel

Throat: Dyed Blue Guinea

Wing: Red Squirrel Tail




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