St. Patrick’s day – Black Pennell

For this holiday, where everyone celebrates everything Irish, instead of  tying the typical green mess of fur and feathers calling it a St. Patrick’s day fly I chose to tie a traditional Lough fly.

Now yes, I understand the Black Pennell was created in Scotland, however it’s effectiveness quickly spread from the Lochs to the Loughs of Ireland. This is an effective Fly that anyone fishing Ireland must have. Tied from a size  14 to a size 8 its sparseness is its main weapon as an attractor pattern.

The Black Pennell was created by H. Cholmondeley Pennell (what a mouthful) Black is the most popular color however it part of a series of flies including green, brown and yellow versions. 

I tied this fly in the traditional manner and also as a hairwing fly. This classic pattern is simple, only a silver tag, golden pheasant tippets, black silk, silver ribbing and a black hackle. 

Everyone stay safe this weekend and tight lines!!


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