JTS Salmonfly


This is an extended foam body Salmonfly. It is a very quick and easy tie once the preparation work is completed for the underwing and body.

Hook: Size 6-8 Dry fly hook

Body: Orange craft foam

Underwing: Thin Skin Speckled

Wing: Dyed Deer Hair, Brown

Legs: Orange and Brown Medium Rubber Legs

Highlight: White Craft Foam

  1. We begin by preparing the body, highlight and underwing wings. This should be based upon your hook size for both and can be trimmed down afterwards. Foam body should be anywhere from 1 to 2 inches long depending on hook size. You will want to do at least two segments after the bend of the hook. The highlight is optional and is used for ease of sight. It is a small 1/4 of an inch piece of foam that will be easily visible. The underwings should be slightly wider than the foam when its folded around the hook and slightly shorter than the foams length.

    Measure and make a hole in the center of the foam where the bend of the hook begins and push the hook through. Fold the foam over and apply a line of super-glue.

    Trim the foam by rounding out the tail and the head as well as shortening the height of the foam.fullsizer_3

  2. Place the hook into the vise and if possible turn the vise with the hook eye pointed away from you as it will make it easier making the segments. Create at least two segments  before the hook, one as close to the hook bend as possible and make a head. When creating segments, wrap tightly and whip finish each segment. Doe not whip finish the last segment leave your thread here to begin tying the fly.fullsizer_4
  3. Tie in the underwing making sure it is trimmed to the length of the tail.Then tie in stacked deer hair for an overwing, not to exceed the length of the underwing. I tie the deer hair similar to creating an elk hair caddis and then trim it back as long as it does not extend past the head.
  4. Cut 2 pieces of both Orange and Brown Rubber Legs, the pieces should be approximately the entire length of the body. Secure one orange and one brown leg to each side of the fly. Secure the highlight on top of the fly.
  5. Take a black or brown sharpie and color the head completely as well as making two dots on the underside of each segment. The fly is not complete and ready to fish.

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