Fishing the Yakima Lecture

This weekend my family and I took time to attend the Washington State Sportsman’s Show. It was an awesome experience with a ton of great vendors and companies there. I with a two year old some of the seminars were a little hard to get to see. However I was able to sit in on a great lecture on fly fishing the Yakima given by Red’s Fly Shops Joe Rotter.

Joe gave some awesome tips not only on fishing the Yakima but fishing in general. I am going to highlight a few key points I picked up during the lecture.

  1. Scouting: Take bad weather days or days you don’t want to fish and scout the areas. You should look for areas that lend themselves to fishing the way you like to fish. Then if you have those areas picked out you know where to drive to next time, make a mark on your Map or GPS and wait for the weather to clear.
  2. More Scouting: This time online, Red’s does a great job posting Blogs and Social Media updates check with the local fly shops and look back in the previous years you may can get a pretty good idea of what may be happening.
  3. Preparation: Check the CFS at close to when you are going as possible. One tip Joe added was to carefully read the charts as they are made daily and the scale often changes making it appear there are dramatic changes in the CFS.
  4. Fishing: Cut banks can be fished from shore, and often hold some big fish who have claimed that area as their own.
  5. End of the day: Always plan something nice and relaxing at the end of the day especially if fishing with a beginner. That cheeseburger or beer after a day on the water will help ensure a fond memory is set in place and hopefully spread this great sport.

Anyone planning on fishing the Yakima should stop by Red’s during your trip. Their philosophy is great they want you on fish and will do whatever they need to get you there. They know that they will get your business one way or another if you have a great time out on the water. Their website and Youtube channel offer invaluable resources including a map of the Yakima River. If nothing else swing by at the end of a long day for a burger and beer to cap off the day.

Red’s Fly Shop

Red’s on Youtube

Tight Lines


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